Brain Fragment is a 3 piece but ever so expanding collection of diverse musicians with Dave (bass), Luis (Drums), and Ash (Vocals). 

Bringing together an endless array of influences and engaging in improvisational acts with Invited talented musical guests.

The trio Reside in the small towns of La puente and Rancho Cucamonga California, where lye the beginning and forever the history of brain fragment.

With the sole purpose of recreating music as we know it, conjuring an all new experimental Montage of provokingly pulsing psychedelic sound.

Brain Fragment:

“As a band we strive to create music uninhibited, for fun…passion and challenge with an open mind.

Rather than having a specific style, We try to mix our influences and create a whole new one and we will continue to do so until we have creating something no one has ever heard before.”












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